2008 Edmonton Northland Horse Show Winners Gallery

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2008 Kubota Cup Winner Winner of the $35,000 Kubota Cup Grand Prix
Horse: Luigi
Rider: Andrea Strain
Owner: Andrea Strain
2008 ATCO Cup Winner Winner of the $25,000 ATCO Cup
Horse: Quipa Ls
Rider: Lindsay Hitchner
Owner: Lead Partners
2008 Bringing Home The Dream Winner Winner of the $20,000 Bringing Home The Dream Speed Class
Horse: Laforza
Rider: Hayley Alfonso
Owner: Tyndall Wood Farms
2008 National Bank Financial Winner Winner of the $15,000 National Bank Financial Jumper Classic
Horse: Coolio
Rider: Kelly Koss
Owner: Attache Stables
2008 Welcome Winner Winner of the $5000 Open Welcome Jumper
Horse: Rambo
Rider: JJ Atkinson
Owner: Cordi & Joe Atkinson